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I carry a small, locked box.

Its contents, a mystery.

Its weight, unknowable.

Until there is the suggestion of childhood on a breeze and I pause.

I am six again, barefoot and free.

There is a song on my lips and dirt beneath my nails.

What will it unlock for you?

STORIES by Eliza Grace is a luxurious fragrance range featuring unique ingredients from around the world.

The perfume is masterfully designed and blended to allow the wearer to connect with their own story, past, present and future.


Stories by Eliza Grace

Blog Posts

A Rich History of Scent

A Rich History of Scent

The heart notes of Fragrance No. 02 are some of the fragrance world’s most ancient ingredients. The Tobacco plant reached Europe in the 15th Centur...

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A Christmas Composition

A Christmas Composition

For many of us, harnessing the smell of Christmas is an act of nostalgia. We sniff the boughs of the fir trees to find the one with the most piney ...

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